What are the nine biodynamic preparations & what is the desired outcome from using them?

Steiner said using his nine biodynamic preparations would produce heathier, longer-lasting and more vital crops with an inner capacity to resist all that nature could throw at them. As a young man Steiner studied many things, including science and how plants grew. He said plants are shaped not just by minerals, tangible molecules like oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon and so on coming from the soil, the rain or the air, but by forces. Vines put down deep root systems as if the gravity forces were dragging them downwards, whilst they also grow upwards being pulled light and heat forces of the sun. Even though we can’t see these forces Steiner said, we ignore them at our peril. We have to help plants tap into to these forces because it is in their nature to do this.

For vineyards the aim is the vines produce grapes with two things

  1. a real and unique sense of place or terroir character which comes from the vine roots underground (gravity)
  2. clear, ripe fruit flavours from the grape (Cabernet tastes of blackcurrants, Chardonnay of melon and so on).which come from the intangible heat and light of the sun

In other words, wine with that ideal combination of both fruit and terroir flavours. Steiner said the best way to get those forces and thus flavours flowing in the vineyard and grapes was to use his nine biodynamic preparations.