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Massimago derives linguistically from Maximum Agium, the Latin words which mean maximum level of well-being. The estate is nestled in the valley of Mezzane, in the most hidden part of Valpolicella. Owned by the Cracco family (Camilla’s moth

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Massimago is rooted in the Mezzane valley, a deep and ever-present agricultural area of Valpolicella that developed on the eastern side of Verona, a few km from Lessina Natural Park and the Soave Castle. Originally the valley was completely submerged by the sea, therefore the particularities of the soil types vary with their elevation.

The property covers 28 hectares with an elevation gradient 80m to 350m above sea level. The exposure is South-West.
Resulting from our experience and research we’ve identified 13 different parcels of terrain that, from mid-September to mid-October, are vinified separately in order to optimize the final results. The forest and natural valleys that surround the vineyards of our estate allow us to cultivate organically without drift effects.

The estate, situated at an average altitude of 100 to 350 meters above sea level, stands on multiple layers of soil which intersect and blend together as an natural mosaic.

The stratigraphy of the soil consists of:

- red clay rich in organic substances and colloids
- white and floury limestone which contributes to freshness and minerality
- floury and porous marl which, mixed with fragments of limestone and quartz, allows a good drainage of the soil.

Sustainability a fundamental pillar of who we are and of everything we do.

Our aim is to be recognized for our environmental responsibility that is reflected in our daily choices:
- the conservation and restoration of the natural environment through the use of green manure, trying to recycle all our waste, and the protection of our forest as a rich source of biodiversity.

- Organic viticulture with a low environmental impact, integrated pest control and manual grass cutting

- A new technique to age the grapes naturally in a Japanese-inspired Fruttaio which uses natural winds instead of machines.

- Use of sustainable energies through solar panels and our own well water

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