The vineyard as biotope. Our vineyards are surrounded by natural ponds and wild herbs such as meliot, vetch, red clover and wild grasses offer a domicile for beneficial insects and soil organisms. Their deep roots loosen and aerate the soil providing an ambient environment for healthy vines. These wild plants are also competition for water and nutrients and provide gentle, desirable stress for the vines which contributes positively to the development of aroma an phenols in grapes. We make our own compost from animal dung, pomace, plant cuttings and ground quartz.

Vital and robust vines can only thrive in living soils to produce unique wines of character.

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Nikolaihof Wachau

Wine has been produced here since the time of the Celts. The first documentary evidence of this dates from around 470 A.D. in the time of St Severin and the Romans. ...more>