Vittoria region of Sicily


COS is a Sicilian winery with a revolutionary history, deeply linked to the charisma and tenacity of the ideals of a man who not only follows the vineyards and wine production, but is an ambassador of the same in the entire world.

We interviewed Giusto Occhipinti, even though COS is an anagram of the surnames of three friends, founded in the year 1980 starting from the old cellar of the family of one of the three and a sapling from the historical vineyard in the countryside of Victoria, in the Ragusa province.

In 1995 the property was consolidated and Giusto began to introduce the principles of biodynamic viticulture into the wine to express the depth of character of its soils. The curiosity and the search led him, in 2000, to buy the first amphorae from Spain: thus the label Pithos, a fermented Cerasuolo and aged entirely in terracotta amphorae. Since then he has made the story about one of the most popular wineries in Sicily famous among not only the wine lovers but the entire world which must recognize Giusto Occhipinti for his overwhelming passion with which he has assumed the role of an excited and sincere ambassador of a land of wonderful wine.

COS are an exciting natural winery in the Vittoria region of Sicily. Located in the south east corner of the island, Vittoria is the home to the only Sicilian DOCG, Cerasuaolo di Vittoria, which brings together the Nero d’Avola and Frappato varieties to make a really elegant, fresh, expressive red.

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